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[ENG] My 6-hour trip to the Dark Side (Episode II: Attack of the Clones)

29/03/2009 por ( Waninkoko )

This entry is a reply to marcan's message:


Also, I would like to say that I did NOT cancel the USB Loader (I've got hacked at GBATemp).



Ok, you already demostrated you're very smart, you know how to program very well and you are able to make an USB Loader in 6 hours. But I think you're lying to the people making them believe that I'm a sucker and very bad developing software for the Wii and that you are pretty good and you do everything very well.


It's cool that you were able to load a game from USB in just 6 hours, congratulations! If I'm not wrong, I was able to load Hamster Heroes from NAND in 30 minutes. I don't know if it was a record or not but I don't care.


Despite what you might believe, I know too how to make an USB Loader in 6 hours (maybe it takes me a few minutes more). Then, why it took me 22 days? Well, these are the "possible" reasons:



  • I don't know how much free time you have but I don't have enough (because of university), and I don't want to waste it all developing for the Wii (you know, I like to watch TV shows, movies and those things that you maybe don't know, who knows).


  • Maybe you think that I was working in this project since the EHCI driver was releaed... well, I think you are very wrong :S


  • I have been working in this project with kwiirk (EHCI module for IOS developer). We comunicate each other through e-mail, so it's easy to guess that this caused many delays.


  • Probably in the case of your video, you just took an USB hard disk, copied a game in raw (using "dd"?), and made a specific loader. And yes, that takes a few hours to do it. In my case we had to develop a file system (called WBS, I would implement NTFS but I don't like too much, really) to have the possibility of add/remove/extract games easily. Logically this takes MORE than 6 hours to develop, and before implementing it we need to think how it's going to be structured, etc. (design phase, that's what I learnt from a subject called "Software Engineering").


  • I suppose you haven't optimized this application nor worked in a "pretty " and intuitive interface for the user. As all programmers know, this part normally takes too much time, specially if you don't like designing interfaces...


  • There are more reasons, but I think I wrote all the important ones and I don't want to make this entry bigger.



I see that you say that many of my applications are just simple interfaces. Is there anything wrong with that? I don't know, maybe the functions you reversed from the ES and added to libogc were  there just to watch them and I see how good they are or something similar. I thought they were there to be used by the applications (even those ones that are simple or useless).


Also, I would like to talk about the advertisement (yes, that one you like so much) at the beginning of the video I released yesterday. I don't know why you are so bothered about that advertisement of a sponsor (I repeat, SPONSOR, if you don't know what it means search it in the dictionary). I think that advert still didn't kill anybody, you're complaining because you want to complain about something... Also, I don't force anybody to watch the video.


About the rest (DDoS attack to Teknoconsolas, that I'm a very bad programmer...) I'm not going to say anything (and no, I'm not saying that you are under the DDoS attack).



Well, and that's all. Now I have some free time so I'll try to fix a bug in USB Loader.

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