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Nota mmCM v.04.01.03 para Cobra USB
17 Feb 2012, 12:58 
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Se ha publicado mmCM v.04.01.03, una nueva actualización de multiMAN para Cobra USB.




* Changed: 4x2 display mode is rewritten to use XMMB engine which makes it 5x faster and allows access to all content (Games/Music/Video/Photo/Retro/ISO)
* Added "4.11" option in "System Firmware Version" to spoof reported version to the latest OFW 4.11
* Added support for loading network PSX/PS3/BD/DVD ISO/BIN+CUE images to lastGAME2 application
* Added proper support for covers in "Coverflow" mode, without affecting XMMB and other display modes (covers in Coverflow/4x2 modes and icons in BOARD mode)
* Added PIN-protected option "Reset Options to Default" in SETTINGS (press [TRIANGLE] to access it in the SIDE menu). Default PIN is "0000".
* Added support for forcefully resetting mM to default during boot if L2+R2+L3+R3 buttons are pressed
* Changed: PIN-protected options will not prompt for PIN code if using the default PIN "0000". If "Parental Level" is set, games which require higher level will still require PIN.


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